About Us

Client Centered. Associate Focused. Collaborative Minded.

A Passion for Advancing Research

For Axle Informatics, advancing research is much more than a business. It is a part of our culture that extends seamlessly from our team member  associates to our partners and clients.

Why do we refer to our team members as associates?

  1. We recognize the importance of the dedicated professionals who demonstrate their commitment to our company’s mission by delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that advance translational research.
  2. Each of our staff members has a vested interest in the organization.
  3. We highly respect and value their feedback.

The result is a company culture in which people matter most and as a result are our biggest advantage.

We are driven to offer cutting-edge enterprise solutions to research centers and healthcare organizations around the globe – solutions that integrate software technologies with functional research operations. Axle Informatics provides a powerful suite of innovative technology tools and techniques focused on biomedical and clinical research; scientific computing and informatics; application development and data science; and program, enterprise and operational management. Each and every day, our diverse team taps into its cross-functional talent to empower organizational decision-making that accelerates discovery in translational research.

Axle Informatics is quick, agile and responsive with wide-ranging research capabilities in wet lab, dry lab, laboratory instrumentation, robotics, and more. With world-class experts in software engineering, automation, bioinformatics and operational management, Axle Informatics has the knowledge, speed and collaborative instincts organizations need as research continues to evolve in both the biomedical and non-medical sciences.

What Sets Us Apart

Quality is at the core of the Axle Informatics brand – and those quality research outcomes spring from collaborative interaction between our associates and clients.

  • Diverse, Cross-Functional, Home-grown Talent: We are known for building talent from the ground up; many of our associates start with us while they are still in college. We are adept at tapping into the international talent pool to find the right people.
  • Agility: Our organizational structure allows us to move quickly to meet client needs.
  • Commitment to Building Collaborative Relationships: Taking a peer approach enables us to make the most of our intellectual capital and become a catalyst that accelerates our clients’ research work.
  • Healthy Workplace: What we do at Axle Informatics impacts the lives of people around the world – every single day. That is why we are mission-driven not only to foster a healthy working environment, but also to offer generous health benefits that are paid 100% by the company.

Clients Who Benefit from Our Expertise

Axle Informatics works with large federal research agencies and evolving research organizations that are utilizing and promoting translational research technologies.

Our clients range from the National Institutes of Health with its 27 institutes, centers and offices to peripheral research laboratories, research universities, contract research organizations, clinical research organizations, pharmaceutical companies and foundations receiving federal research funding.

Axle Informatics’ skillsets are also appealing to other research-oriented federal agencies and nonprofits; state agencies and localities; and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) organizations. As these organizations adapt to new technologies, they are becoming faster and more collaborative in their approach to research, which makes them a perfect partner for Axle Informatics.