Culture & Benefits

Welcome to Axle, where we cultivate boundless growth and empower careers by fostering an unwavering openness to new ideas. Our vibrant culture merges innovation and expertise, underpinned by a passionate community of exceptionally skilled individuals. At Axle, we celebrate diversity, reward innovation, and redefine what's possible. Join us on a journey that's all about limitless growth and empowering careers through forward-thinking collaboration.

Life at Axle

At Axle, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We are dedicated to helping our employees be their best selves, both in their professional and personal lives. Here’s how we create a work environment that prioritizes your well-being:


  1. We offer flexible working arrangements to fit your life.
  2. Our generous leave policies support your family and personal time.
  3. Access wellness programs for stress management and a healthy lifestyle.

Our commitment to your growth is unwavering, and we offer a diverse range of opportunities to support your development. Here are the key focus areas that define our approach to learning and development:


  1. Craft your personalized development path to align with your career aspirations and interests.
  2. Immerse yourself in a culture of continuous learning integrated into your daily work and interactions.
  3. Join our Research Associate program, designed to empower junior leaders in shaping Axle’s future in Research, Technology, and Healthcare.

We are committed to assembling exceptional teams by meticulously selecting the ideal individuals. Discover how our recruitment process unfolds, offering insights into how we get to know you – and how you can delve deeper into understanding us. Here’s a glimpse into what you need to know to join our team:


  1. Begin by finding a role on our job portal and submitting your application.
  2. Our recruitment team reviews your qualifications for alignment with the job description.
  3. Showcase your potential in interviews with our hiring managers, which may be conducted via telephone, video, or in-person.

Spotlight on Excellence

Meet the talented individuals at the heart of our operations—where strategic visionaries and technical innovators come together to forge the future. From those steering our strategic directives to the brilliant minds engineering our leading-edge solutions, these diverse talents and spirited personalities are the foundation of Axle's achievements and aspirations.

  • Omar Anbari

    Omar Anbari

    DevSecOps Engineer

    Omar Anbari is a dynamic and dedicated DevSecOps Engineer at Axle, where his expertise in cybersecurity is instrumental in safeguarding the company's digital infrastructure. With a profound skill set in ethical hacking and penetration testing, Omar excels in identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities across Windows and Linux platforms, designing secure networks, and implementing robust cloud security measures. Omar's academic credentials underscore his commitment to the field of cybersecurity. He holds a Master's Degree in Cybersecurity Technology from the University of Maryland, complemented by a specialized cybersecurity certificate from George Washington University, and the esteemed CompTia Security+ certification. These qualifications not only highlight his theoretical knowledge but also his readiness to tackle real-world security challenges. At the heart of Omar's approach is a keen problem-solving ability, blending technical prowess with a nuanced understanding of business operations. This unique perspective enables him to conduct thorough vulnerability assessments and devise strategies that significantly enhance organizational security postures. His track record of preventing security breaches through meticulous testing and assessment speaks volumes about his capability and foresight in the domain. Omar is not just a security specialist; he is a security enthusiast who thrives on collaboration and innovation. He actively promotes cross-team knowledge sharing and is committed to ensuring that Axle adheres to the highest standards of security compliance. His passion for the field is matched by his dedication to cultivating an environment where best security practices are not just followed but evolved. In an era where digital threats loom large, Omar Anbari stands as a vigilant protector at Axle, continually pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity to defend and secure the digital assets of the organization and its stakeholders.

  • Anu Herath

    Anu Herath

    UX Design Manager

    Anu Herath stands at the forefront of UX/UI design, bringing over two decades of specialized expertise to the digital world. As a seasoned UX Design Manager, Anu has carved a niche in crafting user-centered designs that resonate with users globally, particularly within the high-stakes arenas of International Financial Institutions and Federal Government projects. Her journey through the evolving landscape of web and graphic design is marked by a series of successful ventures, underpinned by her robust project management skills. Anu's prowess in project planning and execution has consistently translated into the delivery of creative, impactful web and graphic design solutions that not only meet but often surpass expectations. Her ability to navigate the complexities of design projects, from inception through to delivery, speaks volumes of her dedication and strategic approach to design challenges. Central to Anu's professional ethos is her commitment to building and sustaining strong client relationships. Her superior track record in this area is a testament to her understanding of client needs, her ability to communicate effectively, and her unwavering support throughout the project lifecycle. This client-centric approach has enabled her to not only meet but exceed web and graphic design expectations, ensuring high levels of client satisfaction and loyalty. As Anu continues to lead and innovate within the UX/UI domain, her contributions remain pivotal in shaping user experiences that are both intuitive and engaging. Her career, rich with achievements and contributions to the field, reflects a deep-seated passion for design and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

  • Shaurya Singh

    Shaurya Singh

    Senior Software Engineering Manager

    Shaurya Singh is a distinguished Senior Software Engineering Manager at Axle, where his profound expertise in full-stack development catalyzes innovation and operational excellence. Fueled by an innate passion for solving complex problems, Shaurya has dedicated his career to mastering the intricacies of the software development lifecycle, positioning him as a leader in the creation of robust, scalable software solutions. With a versatile skill set spanning multiple programming languages and frameworks such as Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, .Net, C#, and Node.js, Shaurya's proficiency encompasses the full spectrum of web application development. His adeptness in both front-end and back-end technologies has endowed him with a holistic understanding of web architecture and design principles, enabling him to architect solutions that are not only efficient but also innovative. Shaurya's professional journey is marked by his exceptional ability to foster environments of collaboration and high performance. He is recognized for his exemplary communication skills, which have been instrumental in bridging gaps between cross-functional teams, thereby ensuring the seamless execution of complex projects. Thriving in the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the tech industry, Shaurya embodies the spirit of continuous learning, consistently staying abreast of the latest technological advancements and industry trends. His commitment to excellence, coupled with a relentless pursuit of knowledge, makes Shaurya a valued leader at Axle. As he continues to drive forward-thinking initiatives and mentor the next generation of software engineers, Shaurya's impact is not only evident in the products he helps to develop but also in the enduring culture of innovation he helps to foster.

  • James Johnson

    James Johnson

    Facilities Manager

    James Johnson is a seasoned Facilities Management Professional, distinguished by over 16 years of comprehensive experience in facility management and operations support. Currently serving as a Facilities Manager on contract at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), James brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role, ensuring the smooth operation of some of the most critical environments, including government and laboratory settings, data centers, and corporate offices. James's career is highlighted by his broad proficiency in project management, risk management, and contract management. He excels in all phases of project execution, from the initial gathering of requirements and budgeting to detailed project planning and successful implementation. His extensive background in day-to-day facility operations is underpinned by a deep understanding of the unique demands and challenges associated with various types of facilities. A hallmark of James’s professional approach is his exceptional commitment to customer service and organizational communications. He is recognized for his ability to engage effectively with stakeholders at all levels, ensuring that their needs are met with the highest standards of efficiency and professionalism. With a track record of successfully navigating the complexities of facility management, James Johnson stands out as a highly motivated professional dedicated to excellence in all aspects of his work. His leadership not only ensures operational excellence but also contributes significantly to the overall mission of the organizations he supports.

Nurturing Innovation, Ensuring Well-being

In the heart of Axle lies a culture that values the health and happiness of every team member. Join us, and embrace a world where your well-being is as revolutionary as the work you do.

  • Premier Health Coverage

    At Axle, your health is paramount. That's why we've crafted a healthcare plan that stands out for its excellence. Our comprehensive medical package ensures you have access to the finest healthcare providers, ensuring that you receive top-notch care when you need it. We are committed to maintaining your wellbeing at the highest standard because we know a healthy team is the backbone of groundbreaking innovation.

  • Inclusive Dental Benefits

    A radiant smile transcends age, and at Axle, we extend our dental benefits to cover orthodontic care for both children and adults. We're dedicated to providing you and your family with the means to a confident, vibrant smile, underlining our belief in the importance of oral health for overall confidence and wellbeing.

  • Enhanced Life and Disability Insurance

    Your peace of mind is a critical part of our ethos. That's why we've bolstered our benefit offerings to include Life/AD&D insurance and a range of supplemental insurance choices that solidify your financial security. With Axle's robust Short-Term and Long-Term Disability coverage, you can rest assured that you're supported during life's unpredictable moments.

  • Financial Security and Growth

    Securing your future is a shared goal. At Axle, we encourage forward-thinking with our 401(k) savings plans, complete with tax advantages and a generous company match to amplify your investment. We're investing in your financial health with the same fervor that we invest in your professional development.

  • Work-Life Harmony with Generous PTO

    Understanding that inspiration strikes a balance between work and personal time, Axle champions a generous Paid Time Off policy. We empower you to take the time you need for rest, recreation, or handling the unexpected. Your personal growth and happiness are integral to our collective success.

  • Tax-Efficient Flexible Spending

    Maximize your earnings with Axle's Flexible Spending Accounts. Allocate pre-tax funds for healthcare and dependent care expenses, optimizing your financial resources. We provide the pathways, you choose the destination—allowing you the flexibility to manage your finances as efficiently as your innovations.

    • Team Testimonial

      "I have been working for Axle for last six years. I thoroughly enjoyed this time working on variety of projects on SharePoint, VMware, F5 and PaloAlto and cloud systems. I appreciate working at NCATS specifically because that opened for me many opportunities to learn and enabled me also to share with others the knowledge that I acquired. I really like my job and not just because of the technical aspect but also because of a great relationship with my team and everybody I work with. Besides my work I always strive to have a balanced life work way of life. I love to travel, swim and run just to mention a few.’

      Libor Jezo

      SharePoint Architect Administrator

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