Research Technologies

At Axle, we redefine research possibilities with our advanced Research Technologies. Our focus is on leveraging cutting-edge tools and deep expertise to transform your research process comprehensively. Committed to empowering your team with essential resources and support for groundbreaking discoveries, delve into the depths of our capabilities. Join forces with our skilled team of engineers, scientists, and developers to unlock your research projects' full potential, paving the way for new breakthroughs and transformative solutions.

Our Capabilities

Axle’s Core Research Technologies division is dedicated to providing the essential technological backbone for groundbreaking scientific investigations. Our focus areas include:

  • Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Access
  • High-Throughput Screening Systems
  • Innovative Imaging and Analysis Tools
  • Laboratory Automation and Data Integration


Axle’s Automation sector revolutionizes the efficiency and accuracy of scientific research, integrating cutting-edge automated solutions into the research process. Discover how we optimize research operations with:

  • Automated Lab Systems
  • High-Throughput Experimentation
  • Data Collection and Management Systems
  • Robotics and AI-Driven Technologies


Axle’s Information Technology, within our Research Technologies sector, is dedicated to advancing research through state-of-the-art IT solutions, specifically designed to support and propel scientific inquiry. Explore our proficiency in:

  • Research-Centric IT Infrastructure
  • Specialized Software Solutions for Research
  • Data Management and Security in Research
  • Networking and Cloud Services for Scientific Data


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