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Our mission is to accelerate discovery and enhance organizational outcomes through innovative solutions that revolutionize operations. At Axle, we enable organizations to navigate the complexities of their next major breakthrough, providing comprehensive research, technology and healthcare services tailored to the dynamic needs of ambitious teams.

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    At Axle, we are the architects of progress, partnering with teams to accelerate their journey towards success. With our guidance and expertise, we help organizations navigate towards their next breakthrough.With a commitment to excellence, we empower our clients to overcome challenges and seize opportunities, driving meaningful change and innovation.

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    Axle specializes in accelerating organizational outcomes through a fusion of research, technology, and healthcare expertise. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses operationalized artificial intelligence, machine learning languages, and transformative technologies. At Axle, we enable agencies to achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

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    At Axle, we partner with agencies across industries – from government to healthcare and technology. Whether you're a research institution or a healthcare organization, we're here to accelerate your journey towards innovation and success. Learn more about the clients who's achieved breakthroughs by partnering with us.

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Get acquainted with the driving force behind Axle's groundbreaking solutions, as we introduce you to the visionary minds shaping the future of research, technology, and healthcare.

  • Jeyaraman Soundararajan

    Jeyaraman Soundararajan

    Associate director on Software Engineering

    Introducing Jeyaraman Soundararajan, our Associate Director of Software Engineering at Axle. With a decade-long journey within our organization, Jeyaraman's career has been defined by continuous growth and innovation. Starting as a Software Engineer, Jeyaraman swiftly rose through the ranks, demonstrating exceptional dedication and technical prowess. Having contributed to various projects across different federal initiatives, Jeyaraman's expertise spans the latest software engineering stacks. As a natural leader, Jeyaraman has played a pivotal role in team building and mentorship, fostering a collaborative environment for growth and development. Now, as Associate Director, Jeyaraman combines technical acumen with leadership prowess to drive the team towards ambitious goals. Jeyaraman's journey epitomizes a commitment to excellence and a relentless drive to make a lasting impact within our organization.

  • Sunny Yu

    Sunny Yu

    Director of Data Platforms at Axle

    At the intersection of data science and bioinformatics, Sunny Yu stands as a beacon of innovation and leadership at Axle. As Director of Data Platforms within the Data Science Business Unit, Sunny’s 7-year tenure in software development and project management has been pivotal to advancing Axle’s initiatives in managing complex data ecosystems and developing cutting-edge bioinformatics tools. His work has been a catalyst for the growth and sophistication of the Data Science team and its applications. Sunny’s professional path was forged at Johns Hopkins University, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Biology followed by a Master of Science in Bioinformatics. His academic excellence set the stage for his subsequent achievements in the field. At Axle, Sunny’s leadership has accelerated the company's expansion in scale and ambition, demonstrating a keen ability to steer diverse teams and projects while contributing to the company’s ongoing evolution and success. Beyond his professional endeavors, Sunny's personal passions mirror the resilience and strategic thinking he applies at work. An avid rock climber, he challenges himself with the same tenacity that he brings to complex data problems.

  • Anu Herath

    Anu Herath

    UX Design Manager

    Anu Herath stands at the forefront of UX/UI design, bringing over two decades of specialized expertise to the digital world. As a seasoned UX Design Manager, Anu has carved a niche in crafting user-centered designs that resonate with users globally, particularly within the high-stakes arenas of International Financial Institutions and Federal Government projects. Her journey through the evolving landscape of web and graphic design is marked by a series of successful ventures, underpinned by her robust project management skills. Anu's prowess in project planning and execution has consistently translated into the delivery of creative, impactful web and graphic design solutions that not only meet but often surpass expectations. Her ability to navigate the complexities of design projects, from inception through to delivery, speaks volumes of her dedication and strategic approach to design challenges. Central to Anu's professional ethos is her commitment to building and sustaining strong client relationships. Her superior track record in this area is a testament to her understanding of client needs, her ability to communicate effectively, and her unwavering support throughout the project lifecycle. This client-centric approach has enabled her to not only meet but exceed web and graphic design expectations, ensuring high levels of client satisfaction and loyalty. As Anu continues to lead and innovate within the UX/UI domain, her contributions remain pivotal in shaping user experiences that are both intuitive and engaging. Her career, rich with achievements and contributions to the field, reflects a deep-seated passion for design and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

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