Scientific Computing and Informatics

Building High-Impact Biomedical Informatics Solutions

Biomedical Market Drivers

  • Biomedical research is increasingly reliant on analysis and interpretation of large data sets.

  • With large volumes of data, professionals from biochemists to emergency room healthcare providers seek data analysis solutions to drive smarter decision making and outcomes.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have matured and now play an important role in biomedical research and healthcare practices. Visual analytics are advancing and ready for integration across the discipline of biomedical informatics.

  • The open-source movement improves the impact of data that in the past has been expensive, time-consuming, and even impossible to collect.

Delivering Top Performance

  • High-Impact Business Solutions: Built with cutting-edge technology that incorporates the right analytical models, algorithms and visualization tools.

  • Skill to Relate Data to Biomedical Informatics: Capacity and expertise to generate swift, seamless, and efficient enterprise-wide solutions for laboratories pursuing bioinformatics & computational biology.

  • Rare Combination of Laboratory Science, IT, Business, and Regulatory Expertise: Skillsets tailored for clients in industries where sharing research-related data among different systems and stakeholders is mission critical.

  • Technology Platforms that Convert Research Data into Actionable Business Information: To achieve public health goals in life sciences through research laboratories worldwide.

  • A Passion for What We Do: Designing and implementing solutions that enable our clients to stand out in the research arena.

In Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

  • Successful Track Record: Supporting public and private research and health sectors for more than 10 years, including laboratories at the National Institutes of Health developing clinical and research applications.

  • Best-Value Proposition: Effectively combining our expertise in IT, biomedical science, bioinformatics, computational sciences, and business management to ensure solutions that deliver top performance at reasonable costs.

In Laboratory Informatics

  • Multiple Software Programs and Applications: Specialized for different types of research facilities and universities – aimed at optimizing laboratory operations.

  • Optimizing Laboratory Operations: With a functional multifaceted informatics platform that easily integrates with other systems and provides built-in visualization tools geared toward collaborations among researchers.

  • All-Encompassing Suite of Tools: Covering sample collection, processing, reporting, and scientific data management. Toolsets are designed to increase productivity, elevate experimental data quality, and reduce lab processing times.

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