What We Do

Biomedical and Clinical Research

Axle Informatics harnesses technology to fulfill the promise of Biomedical and Clinical Research. By automating and aggregating data in a digital setting, our intuitive tools keep track of the massive amounts of data researchers are collecting in the biomedical and clinical sciences.

Scientific Computing and Informatics

Axle Informatics builds high-impact biomedical informatics solutions with cutting-edge technology that incorporates the right analytical models, algorithms and visualization tools. We have the expertise to generate swift, seamless, and efficient enterprise-wide platforms for laboratories pursuing Bioinformatics & Computational Biology.

Application Development and Data Science

Axle Informatics drives better healthcare outcomes by connecting Data Science and Application Development. By delivering technology tools that help today’s scientific end users gain quantitative insights from qualitative research data, our solutions accelerate the movement of biomedical research from bench to bedside.

Programmatic and Enterprise Management

Axle Informatics provides a systematic approach to managing the scientific process that is tailored to the biotech, pharma, life science and research fields. Our services not only help manage the scientific process, but also streamline and extend business processes for research programs.