Trainee Program

Being part of the Axle Informatics team enables our associates to truly make a difference.

The Axle Informatics Trainee Program is a unique chance for currently enrolled or recently graduated students to gain hands-on, valuable experience. From Lunch and Learns, to daily hands on mentorship from our expert associates, we encourage all eligible students to apply. The Trainee program is a paid, virtual 12 week experience in which Trainees experience working on real-time projects, in real-time environments, using the latest technology and tools.

“The training program was very well organized and I was welcomed by the excellent team!” 

Brian Thornton, Recruiter Trainee 

“Each week comes new challenges and learning opportunities, that have enabled me to build my knowledge and skillset!” 

Zara Farouk, Communications Trainee 

“The culture here is amazing everyone wants to see their colleagues succeed!” 

Melvin Pitts, Recruiter Trainee 

Trainee Eligibility

  1. You are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program or graduated less than a year ago, and
  2. You are hungry to learn and kickstart your career

What you can expect

Secure this opportunity to further your leadership and technical skills through our Trainee Program specifically committed to equal opportunity and building a diverse workforce. Unique hands-on training opportunities enable Axle Informatics Trainees to become future pioneers.

Meet our Trainee Alumni

“It’s been a great opportunity to be involved in biomedical research and data science and work with really cutting-edge technologies and concepts in data science.” 

Anjali Taneja , Data Science Trainee

“I gained confidence in myself, started getting closer to my colleagues and now I have been at Axle for almost 2 years full time loving my responsibilities.” 

Adib Chowdhury, Recruiter Trainee 

“The internship with Axle has been an exhilarating experience.” 

Sai Kirthi Kasimi, Computer Science Trainee 

“Everyone who I worked with concerned themselves with my best interest to improve at the goals that I stated when I first joined.” 

Juan Bofill, Data Science Trainee 

“We were exposed to many different technologies and processes, and had experience with industry standards and projects. It was a really great professional experience.” 

Anish Kapuskar, Computer Science/DevOps Trainee 

“As a result of this experience, I’m more excited than ever to pursue a career in Data Science and feel well-equipped to take on the Data Scientist role in the future.” 

Gourang Patel, Data Science Trainee 

“It allowed me to work with real world data in a professional setting which I think is invaluable if you want to go into this field.” 

Nikhil Menon, Data Science Trainee 

“Being able to apply my technological background to real world science was an experience that sparked my curiosity and jumpstarted my career.” 

Ibrahim Kamara, Data Science Trainee