News October 5, 2023

Axle Fuels Groundbreaking Advancements in Research Data Management

North Bethesda, Maryland, October 5, 2023 — Axle, a trailblazing leader in the realm of data science and research solutions, is proud to announce its pivotal role in advancing the All of Us Research Program through the establishment of the Center for Linkage and Acquisition of Data (CLAD). This transformative initiative, with a $30 million award, signifies a significant leap forward in the program’s data and research capabilities.

The All of Us Research Program has recognized Axle’s expertise, alongside the University of Colorado and a consortium of esteemed partners, as instrumental in driving the creation of the CLAD. This center’s mission is to connect an array of valuable data sources to All of Us participant data, thereby empowering researchers to gain deeper insights into the complexities of health and disease.

In the initial 18-month phase, the CLAD team is dedicated to securely acquiring various datasets, including health care claims, residential history, mortality data, and environmental information based on the Environmental Justice Index from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The award holds the potential for annual renewal for up to four additional years, contingent upon fund availability. This extension will enable the team to expand its efforts and incorporate additional data streams, enriching the research landscape.


Chris Lunt, Chief Technology Officer of the All of Us Research Program, commented, “The CLAD approach to data collection will allow us to maximize participants’ data and expand the utility of the All of Us dataset without asking more of our participants. This will enable All of Us data to answer questions researchers don’t yet have the means to investigate.”

Axle’s profound involvement amplifies the impact of the Researcher Workbench, enhancing its data offerings. This data encompasses biosamples, surveys, wearable device information, physical measurements, and electronic health records (EHRs), all meticulously safeguarded to uphold privacy standards. Axle’s award will complement these data types, bridging gaps and introducing new data streams that elevate the information available to researchers, propelling advancements in understanding various diseases and conditions.

Axle’s participation extends to addressing technical hurdles associated with linking EHR data from health information networks, a critical element in enhancing the research landscape. Although nearly 400,000 participants share EHR data, significant gaps exist, and the CLAD initiative aims to bridge these divides.

Underpinning this project is the meticulous acquisition and processing of linked data within a secure platform by CLAD. The resulting data will be made accessible through the All of Us Data and Research Center’s Researcher Workbench, serving as a valuable resource for registered researchers. The CLAD team is also committed to developing analytical tools that will expedite research efforts once the data is available within the Researcher Workbench. All involved parties strictly adhere to the stringent data security and privacy requirements set forth by the NIH and All of Us.

Martin Mendoza, PhD, Director of Health Equity at the All of Us Research Program, highlighted, “The CLAD data linkages will build on the data that participants share to provide a more complete picture of their lived experiences. These additional data can play an important role in helping researchers further unravel health disparities and advance health equity.”

The selection of the University of Colorado and its collaborative partners, including Axle Informatics, for this monumental project followed a rigorous and competitive process. This consortium brings together leading academic, data, security, and software organizations to form a comprehensive team committed to propelling research to new heights.

Axle’s involvement underscores its dedication to advancing research in diverse domains, including program and project management, data quality management, environmental and geospatial pharmacoepidemiology, and technical writing and documentation. These services are at the heart of Axle’s mission to empower organizations to unlock new possibilities, achieve impactful outcomes, and thrive in an era of rapid change.

Co-founder of Axle, Suhas Sharma remarked, “We are immensely proud to contribute to the All of Us Research Program’s mission to build one of the most diverse biomedical data resources. Axle remains committed to fostering advancements that drive positive change in healthcare and research, further underscoring our dedication to the pursuit of knowledge.”


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