Empowering Secure Research Collaboration with UNA Technology

At the forefront of technological innovation, Axle has developed the Unified NCATS Auth (UNA) system, a groundbreaking solution tailored to meet the intricate demands of secure collaboration within the health research community. This initiative underscores our expertise in delivering state-of-the-art technology solutions that facilitate seamless interaction across organizational boundaries while ensuring data security and user confidentiality. UNA represents a pivotal advancement in overcoming the prevalent challenges of authentication and authorization in collaborative research environments, highlighting our commitment to enhancing the efficiency and security of global research partnerships.


Crafting a Cloud-Based Ecosystem for Global Research Partnerships


The UNA system by Axle is a testament to our technological acumen and innovative approach to solving complex challenges in the health research sector. As a comprehensive cloud-based federation, authorization, and identity brokering service, UNA has been meticulously designed to support secure and efficient user authentication across a wide array of platforms and technologies. Our custom software foundation allows for extensive customization, ensuring that UNA can be seamlessly integrated and adapted to the specific needs of any institution or collaboration. Through facilitating easy login from diverse identity providers, UNA effectively dismantles the traditional barriers to collaboration, streamlining the process of secure research engagement across different organizations and technological ecosystems.

Demonstrating Impact Through Advanced Technology Integration


The success of the UNA system is evidenced by its impressive metrics: over 400,000 successful logins and integration with more than 150 applications, alongside facilitating more than 50,000 external logins from various Identity Providers (IDPs). These figures not only reflect the robustness and reliability of the UNA system but also its flexibility and user-friendliness. The ability of UNA to integrate effortlessly with key programs such as N3C, CTSA, SmartIRB, AWS, and CLAD showcases its versatility and confirms its position as an indispensable tool for advancing secure, collaborative health research. This extensive integration capacity illustrates Axle’s leadership in developing and implementing technology solutions that address the nuanced requirements of the health research community.

Leading Technological Innovation for Collaborative Health Research


The development and deployment of the UNA system exemplify Axle’s deep expertise in technology and unwavering dedication to supporting the health research community. By offering a secure, adaptable, and user-friendly platform for collaboration, we underscore our role as pioneers in the intersection of technology and research. Our commitment to technological excellence and innovation positions Axle as the go-to partner for organizations seeking advanced solutions to facilitate secure, efficient, and impactful research collaborations. Partner with Axle to leverage our unparalleled technological expertise and drive your research initiatives forward with confidence.