Cloud Innovation in Rare Disease Research at RDCRN

Axle is at the vanguard of technological solutions, transforming rare disease research with our pioneering cloud-based strategies for the RDCRN. Our mission was to overhaul the RDCRN system, enhancing the collaboration and research process efficiency, thereby accelerating the path to insights and treatment options for rare disease communities.


Leading Cloud Transition for Enhanced Research Collaboration


In partnership with the RDCRN Data Management and Coordinating Center (DMCC), Axle spearheaded the migration from a traditional on-premises architecture to a versatile cloud environment. This strategic shift involved meticulous planning, implementation of standardized data management protocols, and the creation of a dynamic environment for data sharing and collaboration. Our role extends beyond mere migration; we are continually offering project management and strategic advice to enable consortia members to navigate the complexities of rare disease research with newfound efficiency.


Catalyzing Rare Disease Discoveries Through Technological Excellence


The transformation to a cloud environment has redefined the operational capabilities of the RDCRN, setting a new standard for research efficiency and data standardization. This leap forward facilitated by Axle’s NCATS Cloud team has fostered an innovative ecosystem within the DMCC, promoting agile collaboration and advanced analytics. Through our concerted efforts, the RDCRN has harnessed the full potential of bioinformatics tools, leading to enhanced discovery rates and a reinvigorated approach to rare disease research.


Axle’s Pioneering Spirit Shaping the Future of Rare Disease Research


Axle’s integration of cloud technologies within the RDCRN exemplifies our dedication to advancing scientific research and healthcare. By enhancing the DMCC’s research management capabilities, we have not only improved the efficiency of research coordination and data handling but also showcased our commitment to driving innovation through technology. Our efforts aim to usher in a new chapter in healthcare outcomes, fostering better diagnoses, treatments, and ultimately, quality of life for those affected by rare diseases. Choose Axle Informatics for a partnership that brings technological prowess to the forefront of medical research advancement.