Biomedical Research, Computing & Informatics

Axle Informatics specializes in building high-impact business solutions with the latest available technology. We have the capacity and expertise to generate swift, seamless and efficient enterprise-wide solutions for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Laboratory Informatics, and Biomedical & Clinical Research.

Axle’s team has a rare combination of laboratory science, IT, business and regulatory expertise. Our clients come from industries where sharing research-related data among different systems and stakeholders is necessary to improve business operations – from life sciences to contract testing laboratories to public health. We also help convert this research data into information, so it can be used to achieve business goals. Most importantly, we are passionate about what we do and committed to designing and implementing solutions that enable our clients to stand out in their organizations.

Bioinformatics & Computational Biology:

Axle Informatics has a successful track record supporting public and private research and health sectors for more than 10 years. Axle supports several laboratories at the NIH in clinical and research applications. By effectively combining our expertise in information technology (IT), business management, bioinformatics and computational sciences, we are able to provide our customers with best-value solutions that deliver top performance at reasonable costs.

Laboratory Informatics:

Axle Informatics has developed multiple software programs and applications specialized for different types of research facilities & universities aimed at optimizing laboratory operations. Our solutions encompass sample management, data acquisition and processing, reporting, and scientific data management. Axle’s solutions increase productivity, elevate experimental data quality, and reduce lab process cycle times.

Biomedical & Clinical Research

Axle Informatics has expertise in enabling scientific and clinical research and has developed LabShare for The National Institutes of Health, which can be customized for other research facilities. The platform makes many of the tasks of managing and operating research facilities transparent to scientists and clinicians, allowing them to focus on research.

Through LabShare, Axle provides a functional multifaceted informatics platform that easily integrates with other systems and provides built-in visualization tools geared towards simple collaboration among researchers. Axle works to develop cutting-edge research technologies and project-specific applications for everyday use at multiple facilities.

Labshare can easily be customized for other research facilities and universities.