Programmatic and Enterprise Management

A Systematic Approach to Managing Science

Scientific Management Challenges

Management of scientific research requires active participation and close collaboration with researchers, scientific communities, stakeholders and policymakers. Partners must be empowered to work equally together beyond institutional boundaries.

  • Effective communication with stakeholders is key to development of new discoveries through research practices.
  • Successful scientific research management not only involves outcomes of the core scientific research but also effective project, financial, and administrative management.
  • Other key success factors include resource mobilization, effective dissemination of resources to various stakeholders, and the ability to use essential informatics tools for health research outcomes.

Turning Management Challenges into Business Opportunities

Axle Informatics provides Programmatic and Enterprise Management support tailored to the biotech, pharma, life science and research fields. Our services not only help manage the scientific process, but also streamline and extend business processes for research programs.

  • Comprehensive Approach to Programmatic and Enterprise Management: Driven by senior staff with specialized scientific and technical talents along with a decade of experience delivering services to widely recognized research facilities.
    • Our end-to-end methodology encompasses developing metrics, identifying critical success factors, creating risk mitigation strategies, and evaluating performance through project management techniques and quality assurance planning.
  • Strong Senior Leadership: Our senior management team has decades of combined experience in NIH program management, application development and enterprise management. Drawing on this depth of knowledge, they know how to adapt to the changing needs of research laboratories worldwide.
  • Logistics and Resource Management: Ongoing assessment of available project or program resources to ensure proper utilization and a smooth logistical flow.
  • Progressive Reporting: Our scheduled project reporting to clients ensures the research technologies are deployed in an efficient manner that optimizes funding for every project and program.
  • Increased Collaboration: By encouraging collaboration within the research community, our management services ultimately help research discoveries occur faster to the benefit of patients and general public health alike.
  • Bringing Science to Fruition: Our Programmatic and Enterprise Management services allow scientists to spend more time researching solutions to the nation’s health problems.

If you are looking for relief from Programmatic and Enterprise Management headaches, Contact Us. We can give you a prescription that will cure those management ills.