Go Green, Streamline
and Reduce Costs

Axle is on a mission to remove paper lab notebooks
at NIH, one facility at a time‏.

Axle Informatics is proud to say that we provide green solutions to research centers and healthcare organizations across the globe. While we see the cost savings in going paperless, we feel our collaborative approach excels the speed of sharing and integrating information and ideas in an open source.

Reduce costs by going paperless and increase your efficiency by streamlining analytical processes and instrument integration. Implement LabShare and you can reduce rework, make better use of resources, and eliminate bottlenecks.

The result is improved operations and reduced costs.

Implementing LabShare in your lab eliminates manual paperwork, minimizes IT’s involvement in laboratory technology implementation and maintenance, and allows laboratories to utilize a collaborative platform, which improves performance, increases daily productivity and allows researchers and scientists to focus on science.


LabShare features will provide you:

  • User Registration & Management (ensure appropriate permissions)
  • Research Project Tracking
  • Experiments Tracking Management
  • Request Tracking & Workflow Management
  • Sample, Container Tracking, Management &Workflow
  • Reagent Tracking & Inventory
  • Resource Reservation
  • Billing process
  • Facility Usage Reporting


It’s Simple: Go Green! Save Green!